Law exempts industries that settle in Warnes for 10 years

Law exempts industries that settle in Warnes for 10 yearss

The municipality of Warnes, 30 km north of the ‘city of the rings’, passed a law that exempts, for 10 years, taxes from companies that settle in the municipal jurisdiction of the population and on the 1,800 hectares that It encompasses the Latin American Industrial Park (Pilat).

The approval and homologation of the municipal norm was described by the warneño mayor, Mario Cronenbold, in the act in which the Grupo Empresarial Lafuente, real estate holding and manager of Pilat, formalized the sale of land to the client 1,000 in the Park grounds Largest industrial in South America.

Industrial Park Municipality of Warnes Industrial Park Municipality of Warnes – Santa Cruz

The burgomaster clarified that the transcendent of the incentive law is that the industries that define settling in the area of ​​municipal domain and in the Pilat will be exempted from municipal taxes for a decade, computable from this month.

“It is clear. We (municipality) understand that a company does not generate dividends from the moment it acquires the land because it builds and invests in technology to optimize and be efficient in its production processes. We cannot suffocate them, from the first minute, with taxes. From this moment, the companies that decide to settle in our municipality and the Pilat will have a tax exemption for 10 years, ” said Cronenbold.

The executive president of the Lafuente Business Group, Julio Novillo, believes that the municipal incentive law, in addition to offering legal security, will complement the approach and the concept of an integrated, intelligent and sustainable productive city that work to make the Pilat visible in the destination of industries.

Novillo said that when he decided to bet on Pilat, he invested $ 25 million in the purchase of the land and that after having invested in the provision of industrial services and complementary infrastructure he estimates, in the short, medium and long term, investments for more than $ us 3,000 million.

For the general manager of Pilat, Marco Paz, the new law will be an incentive and support for the 1,000 clients who have acquired land to start investing in the construction and assembly of their industrial infrastructure. At present, he said, there are more than 100 established production units, between national and foreign, that transform and generate added value to national production.

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