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We come from the experience of working in large national and international corporations of Auditing, Accounting, Legal and General Services.

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Our goal is to provide a quality integrated service that allows all our clients:

Protect your wealth

Comply with the regulations and legal provisions in the commercial, labor and tax area.

Clear information

Keeping a correct emerging accounting record of the economic activities carried out.

We believe that size does not matter. We apply the same commitment and excellent service to all our clients.

For all large and small companies that need legal, tax and accounting support. Those who want to perform better on a day-to-day basis, know their rights and obligations, and seek to project themselves in the future.

Legal Accounting Services SRL., combines creativity and excellence with specialization and dynamism, to provide a high added value service tailored to each of our clients.

I am a hero, because I save your day, and I help you to know your rights and obligations

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