Why do we need it?

Having Compliance programs is the way in which companies are responsible to society and is, in turn, a way to remove from the market those companies that do not comply with the provisions of the law or keep the ethics in negotiations. Therefore, it is a requirement to be able to compete in the market, take care of health and avoid damages in companies.

  • Avoid infringements of the law saving time and resources
  • Protect the reputation and image of the company
  • Improve operations by optimizing proactive risk management
  • Detects possible damages caused by third parties or the employees themselves

Generally, the Compliance Department has five areas of responsibility:

  • Identification
  • Prevention
  • Management
  • Answer
  • Advice

Our services

I. Assistance in establishing the framework of the Compliance program

  • Design of the Compliance program, includes:
    • Compliance Policies
    • Compliance framework
    • Compliance Structure
    • Objectives of the dept. Compliance
    • Description of jobs for staff and managers based on Compliance
    • Compliance processes and reports
    • Oversight Mechanism
  • Development of the Compliance manual
  • Trainings to raise awareness among management and staff

II. Assistance in the implementation of the Compliance program for the business units.
III. Assistance in monitoring the Compliance program
IV. Compliance System Audit

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