Accounting Outsourcing

By outsourcing the accounting management of your company, you will be able to reduce operating costs and labor charges. The main objective of our outsourcing is to provide efficient and secure accounting support, which allows you to focus your energies on the activities that will make your business grow.

We have professionals constantly trained in accordance with current accounting and tax regulations, accompanied by computer solutions from our partner Dualbiz S.R.L., a company dedicated to the development of business software with more than 13 years of experience in the market.

Among its products most used by our firm to carry out the operational, commercial, financial and human resource management of our clients is the integral, modular and adaptable web system: DUAL ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP), guaranteeing the proper functioning.

Our services

  • Analysis of historical data of the Financial Statements
  • Trends in relevant parameters such as: sales, costs, expenses, profit, working capital, debts and total liabilities
  • Relevant indicators and indices for decision making: Liquidity, profitability, leverage, operating margins, debt capacity, etc.
  • Comparison of business indicators with respect to the industry or sector.

Structural analysis of the economic operations of the company, increasing profit margins through commercial, administrative, financial and tax planning.

Define an action plan in order to find the best solution for each case, implemented quickly and effectively.


By outsourcing the accounting management of your company, you will be able to reduce operating costs and labor charges. Our main objective is to provide efficient and secure accounting support. We have professionals backed by a team of specialists in different areas.

Registration and processing of transactions according to the accounting principles and / or policies and current regulations in legal, labor and tax matters.

Compliance with tax obligations.

The use of technological tools for the management and administration of economic transactions, accompanied by computer solutions.

Review of the structure of the Accounting System.

Accounting reconstruction of financial statements, determining and correcting tax, labor, accounting and financial contingencies to take timely corrective measures that in many cases avoid unaffordable fines or unnecessary losses.


When it comes to Outsourcing, we do not believe in generic solutions.
We listen carefully to the needs of your company and provide comprehensive, efficient and confidential services.

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