Human Talent Management

People are the engine of any organization. Have suitable, motivated and trained personnel; Through a true Comprehensive Human Talent Management Plan, it will have a favorable impact on the achievement of results and the Work Climate of your company.

Payroll & Administration Service

Payroll is one of the most time-consuming challenges for organizations in periods of expansion.

We offer you an efficient and personalized service in payroll management and administration that allows you to dedicate yourself to the activities that are the reason for being of your Company.

  • Payment of remuneration (salaries, Christmas bonuses, vacations, bonuses)
  • Issuance of receipts
  • Transmission of information to the website of the paying bank
  • Payment of social security contributions and preparation of affidavits
  • Preparation of information according to accounting requirements
  • Issuance of reports tailored to the client
  • Advice on the assembly of personnel files
  • Determination of taxes and contributions derived from payroll
  • Calculation of settlements and settlements
  • Preparation of receipts of earnings and withholdings
  • Retroactive, Advances of Salaries to the personnel
  • Interpretation of conventional agreements by industries

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