Supreme Decree No. 3747 “Second Aguinaldo management 2018”

Regulatory Decree of the Second Aguinaldo “Effort for Bolivia” for the 2018 management

Important considerations:

– It is mandatory for people who earn up to bs. 15,000

– It is not mandatory for workers who earn from bs. 15,001 onwards. In other words, it no longer excludes charges but salary ranges.

– 15% must be paid in kind, in national products.

– The payment term is in beginning until December 31, 2018, however, by formal letter to the Ministry of Labor it is possible to request that the term be extended until March 31, 2019.

– Refers to D. S. 1802, the worker must have worked three calendar months in the 2018 management.

Download the full file here:

Supreme Decret Nº 3747

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