SIAT taxpayers application

SIAT taxpayers application

The SIAT Taxpayers Application, has been in force since the end of October 2018, its main feature is that it leaves aside the Facilito Form 605 v5 for sending financial statements in digital.

Some previous considerations:

  • Articles 78 and 79 of Law No. 2492, Bolivian Tax Code, authorize the Tax Administration to regulate the presentation of affidavits in print or by any technologically available means in the country.
  • That Supreme Decree No. 24051 of June 29, 1995, Regulation of the Corporate Income Tax, Articles 2, 36 and 39, establish the obligation to present Financial
  • Statements to the taxable persons of the Corporate Income Tax (SUI), as well as the deadlines and forms for compliance.
  • That the Tax Administration requires having timely digital information on the Financial Statements, for a better control of the tax obligations related to the Corporate Income Tax; as well as for the control of the tax behavior of taxpayers.

Therefore resolves:

Regulate the form, means and deadlines for the physical and digitalized presentation to the Tax Administration of the Financial Statements, External Audit Opinion, Tax Opinion, Report of Minimum Tax Procedures, Complementary Tax Information and / or Annual Report, of taxpayers or third parties responsible for the Corporate Income Tax (SUI).


This Resolution reaches all taxpayers or third parties responsible for Corporate Income Tax (IUE), who are required to present Financial Statements or Annual Report.


Financial Statements: These are the physical and / or electronic documents, established and prepared in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which must reflect the financial and economic situation of the company at the end of the corresponding fiscal management, as established in Articles 36 and 39 of Supreme Decree No. 24051.

External Audit: It consists of the independent opinion expressed by an external auditor regarding whether the financial statements of the company or entity audited for a certain period of time, reasonably present in all significant aspects the financial and equity situation, the results of its operations and cash flows, in accordance with the provisions of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in Bolivia.


The RND 101800000010 requires that the tax annexes be sent in digital format from the closures to 03/31/2018 onwards.

Those who closed on Dec 31, 2017, are assumed to have already sent by Facilito Form 605 v5, and physically submitted their tax annexes (if applicable). They can now optionally send their EEFF and Annexes through the SIAT Taxpayers Application.

It is optional since the SIN assumes as fulfilled the obligation for these cases.

Previous closures not sent now can only send their Financial Statements and Tax Annexes through the Taxpayers Application SIAT. The virtual office disabled the sending of files generated by the Facilito Form 605 v5.



  • Industrial and oil companies: Until March 31, 2018
  • Annexes Until Nov 30, 2018
  • Gomera, castañeras, agricultural, livestock and agroindustrial companies: Until June 30, 2018
  • Annexes Until Nov 30, 2018
  • Mining Companies: Until September 30, 2018
  • Annexes after 120 days
  • Banking, commercial insurance, service and other companies not included in the previous dates: Until December 31, 2018
  • Annexes, after 120 days

News from the Taxpayers Application SIAT

Among some news and changes, there is:

  • A system that allows you to load all the Financial Statements and also the Tax Annexes (if you have sales greater than 1.2M Bs)
  • A predefined and basic account plan, the structure and accounts contained in this application must be used. Whether in the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and other statements.
  • When sending the notes must be attached to the financial statements and tax annexes in excel


  • To date, Facilito Form 605 v5 is no longer in force. The SIAT Taxpayers Application for digital delivery of EEDD and Tax Annexes, if applicable, becomes effective
  • If you have EEFF from previous procedures, it must be sent with the SIAT Taxpayers Application.
  • According to the Normative Resolution of the Board of Directors RND 101800000004 and RND 101800000007 for taxpayers taxpayers of the IUE that present F 500 and Tax Annexes.
  • It obliges taxpayers who have incomes greater than 1.2M Bs to also send the annexes in digital in the same application Taxpayers
Taxpayers 0 – 1,2 M bs. > 1,2 M bs.

(SIAT Taxpayers Application)


(SIAT Taxpayers Application)

15 Annexes

PHYSICAL External audit

15 Annexes

Tax Audit

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