Riurik B. Vargas AlmarazGerente de Auditoría

Profession: Public accountant and Auditor graduated from the “Universidad Mayor de San Simón”.

Career: Director of Audit for the Firm LAS S.R.L. since 2019 endorsed by ASFI and UIF, IFRS expert, ISQC1 reviewer, certified in ERP Audit Voyager, AS2 and ACL IDEA Data Analytic,. More than 12 years of experience in External Audit as Audit and Tax Manager of the Grant Thornton Firm and Supervisor at the Deloitte Firm in public and private companies in the industrial, commercial, telecommunications (ATT), financial entities (ASFI), technology, services, insurance (APS), electricity (AE), Due Diligence, Oíl & amp; Gas, NGOs, internal control (COSO approach)

Specializations : Graduate in Auditing Up Date Horizon and IFRS Firm GTI, with Diplomas in Budgets at UPB, Accounting, Tax and Financial Management at UMSS, ITEL Accounting Programmer, Specialist in RLDFT management, Investments, Good Will ,.

It belongs to the CDA-14-LL60 and CAUB – 19466 of Bolivia,