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Advice on Civil and Civil Procedure Law

Civil and civil procedural practice constitute the foundations that underpin the growth of the Consultant “Legal Accounting Services SRL”, the relevance that has been granted and gives these areas has allowed a successful orientation to its clients in different branches of Civil Law . Among others, it provides services related to:

  • Rights of individual and collective persons; property, possession, usufruct, use and room, easements; obligations; contracts; successions
  • Contracts related to sales, services, loans, bonds, pledges, mortgages, works, leases, swaps, donations, deposits, bail bonds, bonds
  • Resolution and termination of civil contracts
  • Procedures on validity, interpretation and execution of civil contracts
  • Constitution of Foundations, Associations, NGOs and Civil Societies
  • General and special mandates
  • Contractual and non-contractual liability
  • Coercive, executive, ordinary, summary, voluntary and injunction processes
  • Execution of personal and real guarantees
  • Execution of bills of exchange
  • Execution of national and international judicial decisions
  • Declarations of heirs and opening, inventory and protocolization of wills, inheritance division
  • Preparatory Demand Measures
  • Precautionary measures
  • Judicial acknowledgments of signatures and rubrics
  • Evictions and acquisition of possession

Commercial Law Advice

The consultant “Legal Accounting Services SRL”, provides advice to its clients in Commercial Law in matters such as:

  • Company Constitution, Modification, Merger, Transformations, Decrease and increase of capital, branches, accidental associations, joint venture, Dissolution and liquidation of companies and others.
  • Contracts of sale, services, work, supply, commission, distribution, agency, concession, franchise, advertising, sponsorships, licenses, outsourcing, constitution of real and personal guarantees and others
  • Resolution and termination of commercial contracts.
  • Agreements between partners.
  • Restructuring of companies, preventive and bankruptcies.
  • Request for precautionary measures.
  • Restructuring of companies in crisis.
  • Conflicts between partners and shareholders, execution of social agreements, actions of responsibility against administrators and directors, challenge of social agreements and decisions of the assemblies of partners.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings (preventive and bankruptcy) and defense of the rights of creditors.

Constitutional Law Advice

The consultant “Legal Accounting Services SRL”, advises its clients on constitutional procedures such as:

  • Freedom Action
  • Constitutional Protection Action
  • Freedom Protection Action
  • Unconstitutionality action
  • Compliance Action
  • Popular action
  • Direct nullity resources
  • Resources against illegal taxes
  • Responsibility processes of judges and magistrates, indirect processes of unconstitutionality and others

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