The Consultant “Legal Accounting Services SRL” assists its clients, whether individual or collective, in the analysis and drafting of labor contracts and internal regulations, in the prevention of litigation and in the negotiation of collective labor contracts. The team of professionals of “Legal Accounting Services SRL”, ensures compliance with current labor and social security regulations, in the same way advises its clients in labor and social lawsuits, as well as in administrative procedures before the Supervisory Authority and Pension and Insurance Control

  • Advice in conciliation hearings before the Ministry of Labor for payment of social benefits
  • Advice on legal proceedings for payment and reimbursement of social benefits
  • Preparation and drafting of all types of employment contracts
  • Processing of administrative resolutions for authorization and approval of assistance control systems, annual kardex,
  • Salary and other agreements
  • Drafting of salary agreements
  • Registration of companies before the departmental management of work, AFP´s, CNS
  • Preparation of salary, retroactive, bonus and vacation payroll
  • Preparation of settlements
  • Visa of settlements in the departmental direction of work
  • Drafting and visa before the corresponding administrative instances of attention-calling memoranda, imposition of financial penalties of
  • Appreciation of services and others
  • Sponsorship of legal proceedings for violation of social law
  • Advice before any complaint filed by the AFPs or health funds
  • Sponsorship of administrative conciliation and arbitration procedures in collective labor disputes
  • Annual processing of obtaining administrative resolution for approval of salary agreements as a result of mandatory salary increases
  • Specialized advice on union issues
  • Advice on administrative reinstatement processes before the departmental work management
  • Sponsorship in social coercive processes and social executives
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