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For all large and small companies that need legal, tax and accounting support. That they want to have a better performance on a day-to-day basis, know their rights and obligations, and seek to project themselves in the future.

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    THE LABOR DAY AND SCHEDULES IN BOLIVIA The art. 46 of the General Labor Law states: “The effective working day shall not exceed 8 hours per day and 48 hours per week. The night work day shall not exceed 7 hours, understood as night work which is practiced between twenty and six in the morning.

    18 August, 2019
  • SIAT taxpayers application

    SIAT taxpayers application The SIAT Taxpayers Application, has been in force since the end of October 2018, its main feature is that it leaves aside the Facilito Form 605 v5 for sending financial statements in digital. Some previous considerations: Articles 78 and 79 of Law No. 2492, Bolivian Tax Code, authorize the Tax Administration to

    18 August, 2019
  • Forgiveness – Tax Debt Regularization Law

    “TAX ADJUSTMENT REGULARIZATION ACT” On September 28 of this year, Law No. 1105/2018 “LAW OF REGULARIZATION OF TAX ADJUSTMENTS” better known as FORGIVENESS was promulgated, despite the analysis of said Law, it can be determined that in the end it is a partial remission of the accessories and / or components of the tax debt

    18 August, 2019

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